What is LodenTal? LodenTal is a fashion company, founded in Italy at the end of 2012, producing and distributing top-end outewear in wool loden fabric for women, men and children. The goal was to take the the iconic Austrian Loden fabric and apply the highest levels Italian craftsmanship to produce coats, jackets and capes in a wide range of colors, of unparalleled sartorial quality, practicality and sophistication. The brand mainly operates in four geographic territories : Italy, Europe, Asia and the US. LodenTal currently presents one collection a year. Why Loden fabric? Because it’s wind and waterproof, virtually indestructible, warm, light, natural 100% extra-fine Merino wool from the highest quality yarns. The origins of the name reveal its roots: Loden comes from Austrian archaic word for “bale of wool” and it was made originally for keeping the highlanders warm and dry. From its origins as a rough and basic fabric, it developed into a sophisticated textile in the mid-19th century and became a staple of Austrian high society when a white cape was commissioned by Emperor Franz Joseph for his hunting parties. From that moment, aristocracies across Europe required Loden outerwear for their outdoor activities. In the 70s, the Loden explodes, when designers such as Dior and Hermes begin to use the material in their collections and a crowd of young intellectuals begins to wear it, in its traditional forest green variant. Even today, the Loden is a symbol of timeless elegance, fashion and of good taste. History of LodenTal LodenTal was launched in 2012 by Andrea Provvidenza after came across three perfectly preserved coats in Loden fabric which had belonged to his father. He instantly recalled the day he received his first Loden coat for his eighth birthday and finally feeling grown up, as he had the same coat as his father and grandfather.“I had always been attracted by revisited classics. And I found myself very much in tune with very prominent brands, which were successfully revisiting their historic, most iconic pieces to bring them to an entirely new generation.” But Loden had to be renewed and repositioned to also appeal to a younger market. Working on fit and materials, the universal spirit of Loden became LodenTal, using softer Austrian wool fabric, in addition to the experience of a Neapolitan tailor, a young designer and a production manager with over 30 years experience. The initial intuition was enthusiastically received: - The first womens capsule collection was immediately taken up by Milan style benchmark retailers Biffi and Banner which presented it during Vogue Italia’s Fashion Night Out event in September 2013 - The first mens collection was presented in Florence at Pitti Uomo in the Winter of 2014.
- The inaugural kids collection was launched in Paris at the leading Zef kids store chain in 2015. In parallel with the rollout of the LodenTal product lines, Andrea undertook an effective marketing strategy, by placing his coats and jackets in selected, high visibility and influential fashion locations and events amongst which: Colette: the most influential Parisian concept store, in which LodenTal was included together with coats from Dior, Givenchy, Sant Laurent and Martin Margela; Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop: special edition coats sold exclusively through her online store; Mercer Hotel in N.Y., Chiltern Fire House hotel in London: all staff uniforms. LodenTal has received extensive editorial coverage including: Vogue Italia, Elle France, GQ Japan, Glamour France, Le Monde and Wallpaper. Has just been included in the Ten Italian Lines we Love by Goop in partnership with leading high fashion on line retailer Luisa Via Roma.