General Recommendations

Generally, garments from pure new Merino wool only require cleaning one or twice a year. Dust and dirt however negatively affect their appearence. They can easily be removed by brushing the lengths of the garment with a handmade clothes brush.
Before brushing the garment, dip the brush into a bowl with clear, warm water. Then shake excessive water off the brush and brush your garment from top to bottom (in nap direction). Beside dust and dirt, you can also easily remove pills this way. Only the right handling of your clothes brush helps remove dust and dirt, helping you keep the beautiful appearence and sheen of your Merino wool garments.


Other care recommendations

Airing - To remove cigarete smoke or other unpleasant odours, put your garment into fresh air on a suitable coat hanger.
Coat hangers - Garments from woven wool fabrics should always be hung on shaped or padded coat hangers.
Protection - After waring your woollen garments, do not use them for 24 hours. This will keep their natural beauty and elasticity.
Refreshing - You can refresh your woollen garments by hanging them in a damp bathroom. The humidity helps remove folds.
Sunlight - Should your garment get wet, let it dry at room temperature and do not directly expose it to the sun.

fabric by leichtfried / photo marion luttenberger