What is LodenTal?

LodenTal is a brand, founded in Italy at the end of 2012, producing and distributing top-end outewear in wool Loden fabric for women, men and children.The goal was to take the iconic Austrian Loden fabric and apply the highest levels of Italian craftsmanship to produce coats, jackets and capes, in a wide range of colors, of unparalleled sartorial quality, practicality and sophistication. It was launched in 2012 by Andrea Provvidenza after he came across three perfectly preserved coats in Loden fabric which had belonged to his father. He instantly recalled the day he received his first Loden coat for his eighth birthday and finally felt like a grown up. “I have always been attracted by revisited classics. And I found myself very much in tune with very prominent brands, which were successfully revisiting their historic, most iconic pieces to bring them to an entirely new generation”.



History of the Loden fabric

The origins of the name reveal its roots: Loden comes from Austrian archaic word for “bale of wool” and it was made originally for keeping the highlanders warm and dry. It later became a staple of Austrian high society when a white cape was commissioned by Emperor Franz Joseph for his hunting parties. In the 70s, the Loden explodes, when designers such as Dior and Hermes begin to use the material in their collections and a crowd of young intellectuals begins to wear it, in its traditional forest green variant.




Why Loden fabric?

Because it’s wind and waterproof, virtually indestructible, warm, light, natural 100%  extra-fine Merino wool from the highest quality yarns. 





fabrics by leichtfried / photos marion luttenberger